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Thanks for Last Night (The Guys Who Got Away Book 3) by Lauren Blakely

If all I listened to was Lauren Blakely books, I’d be OK with that. She is so prolific that I would say that every 4th or 5th book I listen to is a Lauren Blakely audiobook, and I never get tired of them.

Ransom appeared at the end of The What If Guy, and I wanted to know more about him right away. I’m so glad he got his own book! Ransom and Teagan are both part of an awesome group of friends. All of the other friends have gotten married or engaged except Ransom and Teagan. And although there is an attraction and everyone knows they’ll be perfect together, they both have some major relationship baggage. But more importantly, neither wants to mess up the friendship or the group dynamics.

Until Ransom asks Teagan to buy him at a charity bachelor auction and they have to go on a real date. Instead of fighting off the attraction all night, they think that they can hook up one time and go back to being friends, but you know how that goes!

I loved Ransom. He’s a hockey player, but he has sisters he is very close with, so he knows what women like, and he isn’t afraid of emotion. Teagan is sassy and free-spirited, and they were perfect together, even though they had legitimate reasons for holding back.

Thanks for Last Night felt a little more like a novella, plus a few bonus series epilogues. While I really loved the couple and the lack of angst, it felt a little quicker and lighter than many of Lauren’s other books, and the epilogues focused more on other couples from previous books than on them.


  • His and Hers prologues.
  • Catching up with all the couples from previous stories.
  • I smiled the whole time.
  • The banter!
  • How family-oriented Ransom was.
  • Their competitive nature.
  • Very light on angst.
  • The extra epilogues.


  • The last few chapters were from characters from other books. Though I loved them, this would have been a great bonus in a box set or something, but it kind of took away from the main characters and was a little confusing.
  • It felt like a novella. We didn’t go deep enough. It was short to begin with, but a good portion was spent on other couples.

The Narration:

Zachary Webber and Andi Arndt were wonderful in their portrayal of Ransom and Teagan, but it wasn’t my favorite of Andi’s performances for some reason. She just didn’t fit the character that well, though it didn’t hinder my enjoyment of the audiobook at all. Still, Brian Pallino, Stella Hunter, and Joe Arden (I think?) rounded out another amazing multi-cast production from Lauren. No other audiobooks come close.  EDIT: Brian Pallino has since passed away. RIP, his talent will be greatly missed.

The Down & Dirty:

Lauren Blakely never ever fails at bringing me a smart, funny, sexy, and sweet romcom. Thanks for Last Night was a little quicker than the average Lauren Blakely book, and while the story stands alone, I highly advise you read in order (see below) because there are a lot of previous characters who show up in Thanks for Last Night.

Rating: 4.25 Stars, 4 Heat, 4.5 Narration

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