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Swing and a Mishap (Summersweet Island 2) by Tara Sivec

Second in a Related Series. Romantic Comedy. 

I loved Kiss My Putt, but I LOOOVED Swing and a Mishap by Tara Sivec! The second book in the Summersweet Island Series brought us a completely swoonworthy, romantic and sexy hero, an outrageously fun group of friends, a wonderful single mom, and more fun from the whole crew on Summersweet Island.

Wren is Birdie’s (from Kiss My Putt) older sister. She is a single mom with a talented son who plays high school baseball. Unfortunately his sperm-donor is a rich douchebag and is mostly out of the picture unless he wants to insult Wren a little. Wren runs the local ice cream stand, the Dip and Twist, with her mom, and when she was in high school a young Shepherd worked there as well before getting recruited as a major-league baseball player.

When Shepherd sees his high-school crush post a video of her son playing baseball on facebook, he messages Wren some pointers for him and they begin a year-long messaging relationship. Texting/messaging is my #1 favorite thing in a book, and Swing and a Mishap had tons. I loved their banter and how she pretended to not know anything about baseball or his career.

“That woman has more T-shirts, hoodies, and jerseys with your name on the back than anyone else I know, watches every single game like it’s a religious experience, and God forbid any of us interrupt her while you’re playing.”

But suddenly Shepherd ghosted Wren and stopped responding to all messages.

A year later, the famous player decides to come back home to Summersweet Island to claim what he should have claimed a year ago. But Wren won’t let him off the hook that easy!

“This is just great. Perfect! Shepherd Oliver, another pile of human garbage I have to deal with.”

I loved how Shepherd joined right in with the gang and became great friends with Palmer and Bodhi. I loved how he had no fear of doing anything “girly” like glitter and crafts. I love how he is ridiculously sweet and romantic, and I loved how he was with Wren’s son. But he had a lot to make up for.

“I deserve better than being someone’s fucking consolation prize, no matter how goddamn good he is with a glue gun.”

Shepherd has loved Wren forever, and I loved how he had no hesitation with telling her and showing her.

“You’re the only reason I’ve tried to be nicer, kinder, sweeter, and better, so that some day when I pulled my head out of my ass, I would be worthy of the time you give to me.


  • I literally hugged my kindle with a tear rolling down my face at the end.
  • Tons of messaging banter.
  • I read the whole thing with an idiotic smile on my face.
  • He was so great with her son.
  • Shepherd was so romantic! Sigh….dreamy.
  • Very light on angst, but enough to keep it interesting.
  • Vanilla Ice Cream! OMG, HOT!
  • I love the gang so much! Tara has a way of making me want to meet and hang out with all the characters in her books. (Hence the reason I started Wicked Book Weekend).
  • More of Bodhi!
  • Tara mentioned Jack Carter, the original baseball hottie from Jenn Sterling.


  • I don’t know if this is a real dislike, but is there not a Bodhi book? He at least needs a novella!

The Down & Dirty:

I loved Swing and a Mishap SO MUCH. It was just what I needed to forget the world and laugh my ass off. This is up there with my favorite Tara Sivec reads, and that’s saying a lot. If you are looking for a swoony, sweet, romantic, funny and sexy story with characters you can’t help but love, Tara Sivec took a swing and hit it out of the park with Swing and a Mishap.

“He definitely wants to put his bat in her grassy infield”

Rating: 5 Stars, 4 Heat

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