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Prince of Hearts Book Cover

Prince of Hearts

Verona Legacy

L.A. Cotton

Dark College Romance

2nd June 2020

No, part of a duet

A new angsty college mafia romance from bestselling author of the Rixon Raiders series.

Arianne Capizola is her father’s daughter.

Humble. Hardworking. Honest.

She’d rather spend her days helping at the local shelter than brushing shoulders with her vain and entitled classmates.

Niccolò Marchetti is his father’s son.

Dark. Dangerous. Deceitful.

He’d rather spend his days getting bloody in the ring than attending class and keeping up pretences.

When their paths cross at Montague University neither of them are willing to drop the walls they’ve spent so long building. But he can’t resist the girl with stars in her eyes, and she can’t forget the guy who saved her that night.

There’s only one catch.

Nicco isn’t Arianne’s knight-in-shining-armor, he’s the son of her father’s greatest enemy.

He is the enemy.

And their families are at war.

*Prince of Hearts in the first book in Nicco and Ari’s duet. Due to mature content that some readers may find distressing, this book is recommended for readers 18+

Move over Romeo and Juliet there’s a new couple taking your crown!!

I am utterly speechless! Like I’m literally looking at my screen thinking what the hell can write in this review to make it express how awesome this book is!!

From that first chapter I knew I would love this story but I never expected to be hooked this way. I think I’m in love with L.A Cottons modern rendition of Romeo and Juliet. Throw in the family drama, the lies, the dark mafia setting and of course true love and you’ll find yourself submerged in a world like no other! It’s pure brilliance!

This story surpassed any expectations I had and I definitely can’t wait for book two! Be sure to check it out if your looking for the ultimate forbidden romance.

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