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It would seem that the year 2020 gets weirder with every month that passes and October was no different,  At the point when I thought the month would end without there being any additional disasters, Tropical Storm Zeta dispelled that notion, Despite not getting a direct hit from the storm, the impact the heavy rains had on the island proved devastating. A few lives were lost and several persons were left homeless.

Below are photographs of Zeta’s impact


If that was not enough, in addition to Covid we now have an outbreak of Dengue Fever.  So not only do I have to be keeping my distance from people I  also have to be avoiding mosquitos, which is proving to be a challenge.


  1. [1 Oct] Rifts and Refrains by Devney Perry ★★★★½
  2. [6 Oct] Lethal Temptation by Kaylea Cross ★★★★
  3. [8 Oct] The Scale by Mika Jolie ★★★★
  4. [12 Oct] Touch of Evil by Cecy Robson ★★★★½
  5. [13 Oct] Confessions on the 7:45 by Lisa Unger ★★★★
  6. [14 Oct] Watch Her Vanish by Ellery A. Kane ★★★★
  7. [16 Oct] What Happened in Vegas: A Laugh out loud Enemies-to-Lovers Romantic Comedy by Mika Jolie ★★★½
  8. [20 Oct] Only One Chance by Natasha Madison ★★★★
  9. [21 Oct] San Diego Dead by Mark Nolan ★★★★
  10. [23 Oct] Deadly Weapon by Mark Nolan ★★★★½
  11. [26 Oct] The Autumn You Became Mine (A Love for All Seasons, #3) by J.L. Lora ★★★★½
  12. [30 Oct] The Gritty Truth by Melissa Foster ★★★★½

I read eleven (11) books for October and reviewed twelve (12).


Reading Challenges

I am at  forty – seven percent (47%) of The Kindle Unlimited Challenge, and still at fifty – seven percent  (57%) of The Audio Book Challenge. I had planned to make some headway into the audiobook challenge, but things did not go as planned. I still have two months to see what I can accomplish


New Additions to the Blog

ARCs Received





I got these on the two for one sale and daily deals.




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