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Thank you to all my readers for sticking by me till this time. I am thankful for all my followers no matter how few they are. Hopefully my blog will grow into more but for now I am Grateful. I decided to review these three books together. I have been having a hard time reading and reviewing lately so I kind of shoved these books in the back burner but I couldn’t go on with out reviewing them. I am going to take them one after the other so you can get my thoughts clearly on what I think about each book

Book 1: Lies and Lullabies By Sarina Bowen

Note: Each book is written by a different author and they are all standalone. Lies and lullabies is written by Sarina Bowen.

I love Sarina Bowen’s writing. I have read some of her books and I was blown away by them but this book did not blow me away. It was an okay story but that’s just what it was an okay book. I wanted to be blown away, I wanted more but sadly I didn’t get it. This is my least liked book in the series.

Why didn’t I get blown away you might ask. This book is built on a trope that is really popular, second chance single mother romance where the hero doesn’t know about his child until later. It is common and I have read a lot of books with this same trope so for lies and lullabies to stand out it needed to be unique, it needed to be bright, it needed to capture my attention and this book didn’t do that for me. It wasn’t a bad book but it wasn’t a great book either it was just somewhere in between.

My Rating

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Book 2: Rifts and Refrain by Devney perry

Note: Book 2 is written by Devney Perry

So on to the next one. This book I absolutely loved. When I finished the first book I didn’t have a lot of hope in the second and I hadn’t figured out yet that they were written by different authors. I postponed my reading this book for as long as I could but when I finally gave it a chance, this book ticked all the boxes that the first one didn’t. I mean this is one of the best second chance romance I have read recently.

Devney Perry knows how to weave a story that captures you from the very first page and keeps you locked in till the last. This book was filled with so much emotion. I loved Quinn and Graham’s story so much I wouldn’t mind reading it again sometime in the future. This book certainly took me on a journey that kept me reading through the night.

This book starts with so much sadness and with the death and funeral of Quinn’s grandma but it serves as a chance to set things right back home with her family and the boy she walked away from. After all everyone needs his/her family by their side.

It was nice to see her settle things with everyone one including graham and I loved watching her fall in love with his son. They made a really cute family.

Rifts and refrain did everything the first book didn’t do and it instilled back my hope in the series and I couldn’t wait for the next book.

Book 3: Muses and Melodies By Rebecca Yarros

Hmmmm this book got me feeling all sort of things. I didn’t care for Nixon in the previous books. To me he looked like a cliche hero in a typical rockstar romance novel. The jaded one that fills his life with drugs, sex and alcohol. I liked Zoe for the most part and I loved her family and her little hometown. They were so welcoming and lovable.

Despite my lack of love for the hero I still very much enjoyed this book. It was also a nice ending to a nice series. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the second book but it was also a really good book.

I really don’t have much to say about this particular book but kudos to Rebecca Yarros for giving me a good read.

My Rating

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Overall review of the series

My Series Rating

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Okay I am giving this series a four star rating. I loved the general idea because I absolutely love celebrity romance. Though the first book didn’t do much for me I loved the second and also enjoyed the third. It’s amazing to see three different authors come together to put together a series. It was nice to read each book written by three different authors. We got to see the general stories by literally different perspectives. Different authors have their different styles and ways of writing and we got to see this in this series. Thank you Sarina Bowen, Devney Perry and Rebecca yarros for putting together this series. Devney Perry deserves a 5 star herself. I just love her.

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