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Scarlet Book Cover


Sinister Fairy Tales Collection

Cora Kenborn

Dark Romance

26th June 2020


They call me America’s Sweetheart.
Hollywood royalty. The last of an era.
Sole survivor of LA’s most infamous crime.

I’m not any of those things.
He forced me into the spotlight.
The liar with a perfect smile and cold blue eyes.

But Alexandra Romanov’s fate won’t be mine.
I’ll speak her lines. I’ll hit the mark. I’ll strike a pose.
And when the past and present collide, I’ll become their worst nightmare.

They told me to preserve the legacy.
Be careful what you ask for. . .
You just might get it.

Please be aware this book contains dark themes and sensitive subject matter that are essential to the storyline but may bother some readers.

I haven’t read much of Cora Kenborn but I think after reading Starlet I’m going to devour her books.

This book below my mind! I’ve always been fascinated with the concept of the Romanov story every since I watched Anastasia, so when I saw that this story was going to be retold I jumped for a chance to read and review.

Let’s just say, I wasn’t disappointed! This book had me hooked from the get go. Throughout the book your always wondering what the ending is going to be and with each idea that was ignited in my head, Cora threw a curve ball. So expect the unexpected and be prepared the ride!!

This dark and sexy retelling will have your emotions all over the place. The chemistry between the main characters will leave you breathless and always wanting more.

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