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Show Time (Juniper Ridge 1) by Tawna Fenske

Narrated by Sebastian York and Emma Wilder

Contemporary Romance with comedy and suspense. First in a series of stand-alones. 

This was my first Tawna Fenske book and I can’t wait to read more. Show Time by Tawna Fenske had everything I love in a book, it made me smile, it was sexy, low in angst, and I liked the characters. But it had the added bonus of being a very unique storyline and having a bit of a suspenseful mystery.

Dean and his show-biz family bought an old cult compound to film a reality show that will feature a self-contained community. All of the siblings have their own part in setting it up and running it, but Dean is the oldest sibling and CEO who feels like he has to take care of everyone.

“He’s an overbearing son-of-a-bitch but he’s good at his job. Also, we love him.”

The first person they hire is the CFO, Vanessa. She and Dean have an instant connection that they both try very hard to fight, but you know how that goes.

“I should ask him to go.
I should beg him to stay.
I should definitely stop thinking about kissing him.”

Since this is a live-work-play community and also a reality show, it gave a lot of unique situations for the couple to interact with. There was also a bad guy out to sabotage the show and an amazing dog which is the icing on the cake, but Sebastian York and Emma Wilder narrating would be the chocolate shavings on top of that.


  • Very unique premise.
  • I smiled the whole time.
  • A mysterious twist.
  • The dog was the best!
  • The mystery added suspense and excitement.
  • I really liked every character and can’t wait to read their stories.
  • The little confessionals were a great tool that totally worked.


  • I can’t think of one thing.

The Narration:

Holy cow, Emma’s male voice is almost as sexy as Sebastian York’s voice! These are two of my favorite narrators and I couldn’t ask for better narration.

The Down & Dirty:

I love a unique concept for a book, and how unique is taking an old cult community and making a new community for a reality show? Show Time was fun, exciting, sexy, and sweet and I really enjoyed all the secondary characters. I can tell you now, this will be one of the few series I will keep reading, and I can’t wait for Let it Show!

Rating: 4.5 Stars, 3.5 Heat, 5 narration

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