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I don’t know about you, but I’ve been watching a lot more TV during this time of quarantine. I’ve also gone back to my Asian roots and gotten into C-dramas, partly to brush up on my Chinese and also for nostalgia’s sake (I used to watch them with my parents when I was young). One particular show I’m watching features a total alpha male who does all of the usual alpha male things, such as making every woman swoon when he saunters into a room, and swooping in to rescue the damsel in distress at the exact moment she needs help. It’s a bit campy and dramatic, but also tickles my romantic “funny bone” to see this kind of stereotypical behavior. That’s when I realized I actually love romance cliches, as cheesy as they are!


I know, I know, as a romance author, I feel a teeny bit embarrassed that I buy into romance cliches. Aren’t authors supposed to be imaginative and creative with their stories? Yes, definitely. But there’s something just so safe and comfortable about writing and reading cliches, kind of like wearing your favorite pair of warm, woolly socks during the winter.

So, with that said, I’d like to share 7 romance cliches that I (now not-so-secretly) love.

  1. The Alpha Male – Maybe it’s because I married one, but I totally appreciate men who know who they are and have the confidence to take charge in a situation. Even better yet are the wounded alphas, male leads who have a tragic past and find healing through the love of a woman.
  2. The Mad-Dash Love Confession – This is the one where one of the main characters makes a mad dash to the airport to declare their love before the other person can take off and leave town forever. It makes you wonder why their flights never take off on time (I suppose you could blame security lines!), but these kind of confessions do make for some swoon-worthy scenes.
  3. Kissing in the Rain – I bet you can name 3 movies where a couple kisses in the rain. Is being drenched and cold romantic? Not at all! But getting kissed by the love of your life while catching pneumonia? Absolutely!
  4. Being Trapped Together – Elevators always break down at the most opportune times in a romance, don’t they? Lol. There’s just something suspenseful and fun about two characters getting stuck together where neither one can run away and all they can do is talk out their problems like we know they should!
  5. Lost Memories – Yup, we’re talking about amnesia! My hubby thinks this cliche is unrealistic, but it still manages to pull at my heartstrings. I think the characters in these romances have to fight harder for their happy endings, which makes me want to root for them more.
  6. Forced to Work Together – Isn’t it so convenient when two characters who don’t want to fall in love with each other end up having to spend lots of time together? Maybe they need to plan an event or they’re part of the same wedding party—whatever the case may be, it’s always fun to see the sparks fly in these situations.
  7. The Timely Bump-Fall-Catch – This one might be my favorite. You know how it goes: girl bumps into boy, she loses her balance and falls, and he catches her just in the nick of time. It’s a bit overdone, but still romantic and even more fun in slow motion!

Now that I’ve revealed the romance cliches I enjoy, I’d love to hear about yours! Feel free to share in the comments below!

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