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The Grip Series: Flow, Grip and Still by Kennedy Ryan

Narrated by Jakobi Diem and Maxine Mitchell

Contemporary Romance Trilogy

I listened to The Grip Trilogy by Kennedy Ryan back in July. I went in completely blind, and at that time, I didn’t even realize it was a trilogy. For 33 hours, I was immersed in one of the best book series ever. I wanted to write a review then, but I honestly feel like my words just can’t do any justice to this series. I also felt like once I wrote my review, it would have a sense of finality. I’d have to take it off my “currently reading” list and move on. But I just wasn’t ready.

“I don’t care what color a girl is. I like the color of smart, the shade of funny, and sexy is my favorite hue.”

Grip and Bristol met in Flow. He is black and she is white, and I loved how they had a conversation about it immediately. I was listening to this at the height of the protests, and this series helped to open my eyes a bit more to systemic racism. Flow left me a bit broken until Grip picked up 8 years later.

Grip and Bristol still had a connection that just leapt off the page, even after 8 years. When the world was against them, their deep, soulful love for each other helped to overcome it all. Grip. O.M.G….GRIP! He was so intelligent and so deep, and he was a poet to his soul. Sure, he’s a rapper, but he is SO much more.

“If I break your heart, I break mine.”

Grip wanted to bring awareness and change and Bristol wanted to help in every way, but there were so many obstacles the couple faced. Through it all, their connection stood firm, their passion was real, and it stood up through even the darkest of times.

Kennedy Ryan tackled so many relevant issues related to racial injustices, but she never once pushed anything on you. It was a natural and real part of the story without it being THE story. It was well-balanced and educational without ever seeming so because the intoxicating romance was still first and foremost.

“I want to spend the rest of my life feeling this way, like I’m only half alive when she isn’t here. There’s nowhere she could go I wouldn’t chase her.”

There was not one emotion I didn’t feel while listening to this series. I laughed, I swooned, I bawled my eyes out and I learned. I FELT.

I normally detail my likes and dislikes in a review, but I loved everything, and there wasn’t a word to nitpick.

The Narration:

Jakobi Diem and Maxine Mitchell were PHENOMENAL in this series. In fact, I have listened to them both in books since, but I think they will always be Grip and Bristol to me.

The Down & Dirty:

When I listened to Long Shot by Kennedy Ryan I was blown away. The Grip Trilogy took it even further. Kennedy Ryan has a beautiful, poetic way of writing that brings out every emotion and can educate without feeling like she is doing just that. Grip and Bristol are one of my favorite couples in romance. Their deep conversations were explored and not one word ever felt rushed or superfluous. Don’t worry, if you are looking for heat, it’s certainly here, but only where it worked for the story. I know it took me a few years of having these books to finally read them, but they couldn’t be more relevant than right now. If you have not experienced Kennedy Ryan, change that, and start right here with Flow, then Grip, then Still.

Rating: 5+ Stars, 4 Heat, 5 Narration

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