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Loveable Lawyer Book Cover

Loveable Lawyer

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Karen Deen

Contemporary Romance

14th September 2020

Yes, although part of a series

Love scares me.
Yet secretly I long for it
But don’t we all.

The funny thing about life, is its habit of changing in a moment.
A split second in time that completely blindsides you.

Lex is a cut-throat lawyer.
Always focused and in control.
There are no colors in his life. Black and white with no in between.
Cold and ruthless in his work, his life is sorted, and his path is clear.

Then the unthinkable happened.
One night my armor slipped.
I met the real him.
And I let him meet the real me.

It was wonderful.


Except happy endings have a way of escaping me.
And sometimes epiphanies cause heart break.

Which means for Lex to find his happiness,
I may have to sacrifice mine. 

Karen Deen is a new author to me and Loveable Lawyer was by first book that I read by her. Not knowing what to expect I went in blind with this book but I was surprised at how much I enjoyed reading this book.

Loveable Lawyer is the fourth book in a series that can be read as standalones, but I would recommend reading the previous books in the series as some of the characters do reappear in this book, although it would be absolutely fine to just read this book.

This book is a contemporary romance filled with swoon worthy moments and characters that are complex but totally loveable. This book has been written beautifully by the author and you can see the care she has taken with telling Lex and Mia’s story.

I will be heading back to the beginning of this series as I thoroughly enjoyed Loveable Lawyer. I am looking forward to reading more of this authors books.

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