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Thanksgiving. (In America, anyway!) The time when I ponder the many blessings I’ve received in my life this year.

But let’s be honest here. Because…2020.


I am at the point now where any time new…trials…crop up, that’s my answer. Because 2020.

And 2020 has been a doozy for us here at the Kastner home, especially these last couple of months. My husband was already in the high-risk category for COVID and we’ve been self-quarantining since the whole virus thing started.

Then Joe went from getting IV antibiotics at the ER for an open wound to spending a week in the hospital for his allergic response to said antibiotics. Two weeks later he was loaded into an ambulance and headed back to the ER because of something he picked up at the hospital. A highly contagious bacterial infection which would usually require another stay in the hospital for…you guessed it…IV antibiotics. This actually sounds rather humorous now that I’m writing it and seeing the circular path, though in truth it’s anything but.


And COVID. The hospital doesn’t have room for non-COVID patients. So, they sent Joe home to live out a quarantine within a quarantine. He’s not allowed to leave the bedroom. I have to be wearing a mask, gloves, and shoes when I bring him food and have been relegated to the room where my grandson stays when he has overnights. Let’s just say his bed is playing major havoc with my back and the extra cleaning is for the birds.

I’m bone tired. And I’m cranky. It’s hard to find my creativity to write. And I’ll admit that this year I’m grasping to find the joy and excitement that this time of year ought to bring. I’m calling it my grrr-attitude.

But you know what? Maybe that’s okay. Because…2020 has been tough for a great number of people. Some of us are holding on by our fingernails. And when we’re at that point, where do we (hopefully) turn for comfort and answers?


And at the end of the day, isn’t that what it’s all about? Even in 2020.

Wishing you a happy and blessed Thanksgiving (for all you Americans out there!)

If you find yourself so troubled and disturbed that you cannot find peace,
turn immediately to prayer like our Lord in the garden.
~Bl Clelia Merloni


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